December 19, 2019

Hard to believe - but yes, another year has shot by!  From our perspective a fairly successful one. We started the year by focusing on extending our range to include a Furniture collection whilst obviously needing to continue bringing new pieces into our other existing collections. We wanted to stay true to our approach and build it around pieces that we like, that we would want to live with - something we do for all our collections. Looking back, we're pleased although we would have liked to ha...

October 30, 2019

 No surprises - its been a while since posting here and as always, very busy but still not complaining!

We did actually manage to fit in a bit of a holiday where we weren't looking to source pieces. First in quite a few years. Back now and into the zone again. 

Just wanted to update you about our new site search tool that's been added to the website. I think you'll find it a lot more user friendly. Easy to find both page references as well as products. The only small foible is that it cannot filte...

June 30, 2019

Always seem to be apologising for the irregular post on our blog - life continues extremely busy but we never complain about that!

We've been sourcing and restoring further pieces for our furniture collection which (we think!) is developing nicely. We're aiming for a mix of good quality antique pieces that remain very useful around the home as well as decorative pieces that add a focus to any room - whether in the traditional or modern style. The image here showing examples of both!  I've seen so...

April 15, 2019

Antique silver photograph frames are always popular - both as gifts for friends and family on those special occasions but also just for you to frame those special memories.

Finding good quality, attractive antique silver frames which are also in a good enough condition to be loved again is always a challenge. Anyone would want their special memories set in a frame that does them justice.

We've gradually developed skills and techniques in refurbishing the silver part of the frame - although sa...

March 12, 2019

...From small acorns grow! 

Sorry to keep on about it - but we're really, really pleased about the start we've made on our Furniture Collection. We think we've got some fantastic pieces - and a few have been snapped up already.

Of-course this aspect of dealing antique is new to us. We're staying with our philosophy of "would we like to keep it ourselves?". If that's a 'yes'- then we're very happy to add it to our collection. It's a philosophy that has done us well so far - so hoping we contin...

March 1, 2019

We've been keeping busy sourcing new pieces whilst also staying specially focused on growing our Furniture Collection - which is a very poor excuse for not having updated our blog page for a while. 

News to share in this one is our Monthly Newsletter which we started in Jan this year. Bit late to say its 'news' I know but hey! Our aim is to keep in-touch with our customers as well as giving those looking for fantastic antiques to be updated regularly on new stock and also what's in the pipeline....

February 22, 2019

Webbestsites is a "Website Listing Platform for the best and most popular websites which will make your web search experience easier and convenient in just a few clicks" who - in their own words... "appreciate great websites based on their work, usability, content, design or story". So we were flattered when they asked to feature us in their Most Interesting Websites for Shopping Antiques. 

For all you global shoppers out there - go check it out at

February 17, 2019

Hoping you will have checked out the added items to our furniture collection. We think we've made a great start with our pieces - but of course many more we want to add.

Currently in progress are a finely carved set of four walnut dining chairs. These will add to the set of six rosewood dining chairs already available. Other pieces in the pipeline are a Georgian chest of drawers and a brass-inlaid rosewood tea table, amongst others.

Of course very pleasing for us that a couple of pieces have gone...

January 8, 2019

Firstly a late 'Happy New Year' from us - has been a very busy run up to Christmas and we've not had chance to update our Blog. A poor excuse I know.

We've been really pleased with the range of items we have managed to source and add to the web site - although a challenge to find the right items than we think are right for our Collections. As always we stick to buying what we like and hope that others like them as well. 

One of the areas we've been working on is extending our collection of furnitu...

November 4, 2018

And share it with your antique-loving friends!

We want to spread the word - that antiques can be beautiful, interesting pieces that add to your individuality in any space. The styles and crafts of yesteryear that are cannot be completely reproduced. Pieces that come with their own unique history.

We hope you like our collections and maybe want to share them with others!

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