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Time for clocks!

Late in 2017 we were lucky enough to acquire several fantastic mantle clocks - but being antiques they needed a little TLC. Now in 2018, with time to work on these, we've completed and added two of these to our listings - but more to come. Very recently added was a gilt bronze rococo-style clock with garnitures - which is shown in the image. I have to say that garniture sets are not normally our style, but this one was so unusually attractive that we both liked it instantly. What definitely won us over was the quality of its casting and finish. Of course the candelabra can be displayed with the clock but we could also imagine them displayed in the same room as a beautiful item in their own right. Of the clocks to come - this includes two oval cased four-glass clocks with exposed escapements (an uncommon style of case). One smaller, classically proportioned and the other larger, majestically proportioned! Also to come is a classic rectangular four-glass with exposed escapement as well as two very attractive timepiece carriage clocks - and more!

French Gilt Bronze Striking Mantel Clock with Garnitures, Vincenti & Cie c.1860

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