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High Art Nouveau Ceramics - at their best!

I was recently really pleased to find a few pieces of Foley "Intarsio" ware. Developed by Frederick Rhead after joining Wileman & Co in 1896 - who couldn't love these high Art Nouveau designs. I just love the range of colours used which you wouldn't always think would work well together but they do - gloriously! The under-glaze decoration (a paper transfer of the design outline) was first applied to a bisque fired body and then, with under-glaze colours, paintresses would fill in the outline using the specified colours. Finally the ware was dipped in an earthenware glaze and fired to produce the glazed surface. Pieces were marked with their particular symbol (usually a combination of dots and squiggles) so that their wages could be worked out since they were paid by the piece. The image is of a particularly lovely piece - a shallow bowl with three supports and central pedestal. I hope you love them too!

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