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Just a little tweak!

Returning visitors to the website will notice that we've rearranged things a little bit. 'Sold' items are now listed in a separate gallery rather than alongside items available - something that we've wanted to do for a while but just not found the time. We've tried to highlight gallery pages where you can browse antiques by category under 'Antiques for Sale' - guess we can't be accused of too much creativity there! If you browse the full stock page you still see both together. Hopefully gives visitors a better browsing experience - you can go straight to our available pieces but still see what's been sold if interested.

Clocks remain as our most active section - followed closely by Ceramics. I am about to list a very lovely, small Victorian skeleton clock signed Broderick (c1850) and hoping to list two oval Four-Glass clocks very soon. Has been a bit challenging getting orders out over the last few days since we've been snowed-in with over a foot of snow on the ground. So far we've managed the trek out - today's looking a little crazy though!

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