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Gorgeous 20th Century Designs

Kralik Fan Vase

I really do love the very different 20th century periods of design. Each, from Art Nouveau through Deco to Modernist and Vintage, whilst entirely different have their own very compelling attractiveness. I would be hard-pushed to choose a favourite period!

Our recent glass acquisitions definitely show the attributes of their era. A typical WMF Jungendstil centerpiece bowl (coming very soon), a Loetz Art Nouveau bowl (coming fairly soon!), as well as a classic pre-war Monart vase and a post-war Whitefriars bubbled glass vase (both listed).

But the piece that I'm most looking forward to is an Art Nouveau Kralik vase that I'm waiting for. This is the one shown in the image - I think it's a gorgeous colour and design. Sometimes pieces just appeal - this one does for me!

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