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Something old, something new, something blue!!!

Not a great title to this post since certainly none of these are actually new! I meant new in the sense of new to us. Whilst we have come across lovely examples of Bretby Pottery before - we have not had any examples in stock until now. Its full name "Tooth & Co", pointing to the Pottery's connection with Linthorpe Pottery and (through his first partner, William Ault) to the Ault Pottery. The evolution and demise of the different potteries of the time - linked to developments in new styles, in-turn linked to key events - is something that really interests me in the context of echoing changes in society at the time. A sort of running social commentary through artifacts.

The "something old" being an equally poor description! They're obviously all old - but we've managed to get hold of more examples of one of my favourite - Linthorpe. The depth and variances of colour they achieved in their glazes is stunning - and it's always rewarding when you find pieces that show-off their talents.

Also new to stock are a couple of particularly attractive tube-lined examples of Burmantofts to add to our existing monochrome pieces. The word 'monochrome' might evoke thoughts of rather dull colours - not so from Burmantofts, who used a number of richly coloured glazes.

Watch for further examples in the near future!!!

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