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Monthly Newsletter Heading Your Way

We've been keeping busy sourcing new pieces whilst also staying specially focused on growing our Furniture Collection - which is a very poor excuse for not having updated our blog page for a while.

News to share in this one is our Monthly Newsletter which we started in Jan this year. Bit late to say its 'news' I know but hey! Our aim is to keep in-touch with our customers as well as giving those looking for fantastic antiques to be updated regularly on new stock and also what's in the pipeline.

The first section of our newsletter is a selection of new arrivals - not everything but a flavour of what's new. We've also included our 'most viewed' item based on its number of visits then finally a bit on what we're doing.

It goes out automatically by email to all our customers but you can also subscribe to the newsletter via our homepage. Just enter your email address and hey presto! Hopefully you'll find it of interest - we'd welcome any feedback or comments on what you would like to see in it.

Of-course, if you don't want to receive it - you can unsubscribe using the link on the email.

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