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Mix and Match to Create!

Antique Furniture

Always seem to be apologising for the irregular post on our blog - life continues extremely busy but we never complain about that!

We've been sourcing and restoring further pieces for our furniture collection which (we think!) is developing nicely. We're aiming for a mix of good quality antique pieces that remain very useful around the home as well as decorative pieces that add a focus to any room - whether in the traditional or modern style. The image here showing examples of both! I've seen some really gorgeous rooms where people have successfully mixed antique with contemporary to create a very unique look. Achieved with pieces of furniture as well as ceramics, glass or other decorative pieces.

We tend to specialise in Georgian furniture and Art Nouveau/Deco pieces - we think that these styles are well suited to compliment each other as well as complimenting contemporary decor since they all tend to clean simple lines. We love it when customers send us pics of how they have juxtaposed pieces from different eras to create their own styles that really work.

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