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I'm No Expert!

Decorating with Antiques

But… just following on from my last blog… there is a surprising amount out there on ideas for decorating with antiques. I was very pleasantly surprised. From modern city apartments to country houses and lots in between. As mentioned in my last blog, I started on this quest when re-decorating a bedroom and just wanted some inspiration. Obviously we have a lot of antiques! But we also have some more contemporary pieces and I felt a little uninspired.

If you’re looking for ideas and you’re on Pinterest take a look at this board; If you’re not, you may want to create an account. Its not the only place to find inspiration but it’s a good start. Homes and Antiques is an excellent source of ideas if you’re prepared to buy or subscribe – but there’s lots of others.

Of course, from our perspective it’s great that the trend for mixing is becoming more and more popular. I think its because we’ve all had too much of the same stuff churned out by retailers making our homes versions of the same. Including antiques in your home (and other spaces) really gives you the chance to show your own personality and make something that’s truly unique. I love the contrast between styles that can be put together to compliment yet set each off. Give it a try!

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