Beautifully glazed baluster-form art vase from the Linthorpe Pottery c1880. Produced during Christopher Dresser's time as Art Director for the Pottery. Green and dark/light blue mottled and crackled glaze with a lustre-type sheen producing a very attractive finish on this vase. Impressed Linthorpe design number 938 and monogram for Henry Tooth who was the first artist and pottery manager employed at Linthorpe. The vase measures 21 cm in height.


In 1879 John Harrison (a local businessman) established Linthorpe Pottery in conjunction with Christopher Dresser, one of the most influential designers of the late 19th century. Dresser acted as artistic director at the Pottery until 1882 and continued to submit designs whilst the Pottery remained in production. Dresser recommended Henry Tooth, an artist from Buckinghamshire working at that time on the Isle of Wight, as pottery manager. Henry Tooth, with no prior experience