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Brass and steel watchmaker’s mandril with a 15 cm diameter cast-iron handwheel with rosewood handle, supported on a scrolled foot. Handwheel with adjustable pivot and original leather drive-belt linking to two drive pulleys on the main spindle. Headstock back bearing is fully adjustable for end float and rotates free and true. Chuck has three fully adjustable dogs individually stamped for accurate repositioning and balancing. Bed supports a compound slide with micrometer screw feeds on both axis. Indexable stop on cross-slide which is adjustable for taper-turning with screwed foot and two adjustable stop screws. Cross-slide crank handle with rosewood knob. Back headstock bearing stamped D Cowen, Manchester - likely to be the maker. Approximate overall dimensions are 35 cm width and 35 cm depth. Maximum height is 23 cm.

Late19th Century Watchmakers Mandril

SKU: MS133
  • In excellent condition commensurate with age and use. Fully functional with no missing components. Dovetails are unworn and feed-screws exhibit minimal backlash. Aged surface patina with no rust pitting on steel elements.

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