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Art Deco Monart footed glass vase c1930. Shape QC, size VII. Catalogued pre-WWII colour 284 (orange with green and black, with gold aventurine). Ground pontile to its base. The vase is 16.5cm in height and 14cm diameter at its rim. As is typical of Monart glass, the vase is not signed.


The product of an unlikely collaboration between the Spaniard Salvador Ysart and Isobel Moncrieff at an industrial glassworks in Perth, this distinctive glass was manufactured by family members in two distinct phases from about 1922 until c.1961: first under the name Monart at Moncrieff's and from 1946 at the Shore Works as Ysart Brothers Glass. Unlike post-War Ysart that typically carries an acid-etched signature, very few pieces of Monart glass were ever signed. The major difference between the pre-War Monart glass and that of the post-War Yasart era is in the range of production colours and a wider range of shapes. Typically, Yasart reflected the more muted tastes of the 1940s and 50s with softer pastel shades.

Monart Glass Footed Art Vase with Aventurine c1930

SKU: GL127
  • This vase is in perfect original condition with no chips, cracks or scratches. Please see images as these form an important part of the description.

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