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Very unusual and attractive Pilkington’s Lancastrian triple-handled amphora form vase in opalescent curdled glaze, dated 1906. The vase is of amphora form with three handles extending from rim to foot. Drip glaze in tonal purples and greens over a terracotta ground with pale turquoise-blue “curdles”. Impressed Pilkington mark used 1905 to 1913, shape number 2536 and "VI" (dating the vase to 1906). The vase is 11 cm in height.


As manufacturers of decorative tiles, Pilkington's made the first steps in establishing what was to become their pottery department in 1898. Initially they developed crystalline and opalescent glazes which were discontinued after a few years. Subsequent years saw their range of glazes extended under the influence of successive ceramic chemists. During the early 1930's the pottery department experienced a number of setbacks which together with poor financial returns resulted in its closure in 1937. Four types of “opalescent” glazes were developed in Pilkington’s earlier, experimental years of which “opalescent-curdled” is one. Described as having its ground colour “broken by white curds” – clearly giving the glaze its name. Along with other types of opalescent glazes by Pilkington, vases with opalescent-curdled glazes are not commonly seen.

Pilkington’s Lancastrian Opalescent Curdled Triple Handled Vase 1906

SKU: EC283
  • This unusual vase is in excellent original condition commensurate with age. No crazing, chips, cracks or restoration. Please see images as these form an important part of the description.

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