Gorgeously Art Nouveau, vase from the Burmantofts Pottery c1900. Slender baluster-form with wide neck and stylised handles. Incised floral design around its body. Impressed Burmantofts Faience mark and pattern number. Additional painted marks. The vase measures 26 cm in height.


The company (initially producing architectural ceramics) was started by William Wilcock and John Lassey in 1859 following the discovery of fire clay in a mine owned by Wilcock. In 1880, with an established market for middle-class home decorative objects, they ventured into the production of art pottery as an addition to industrial glazed ceramic products. The company was fortunate in having both coal and high-purity clay on the same site enabling good reproduction of shape and glazes of high clarity and brilliance. The most recognisable wares are their high-fired monochrome pieces as well as their Anglo-Persian vases - thei