Tall Ruskin Pottery soufflé glaze art vase dated 1933. The vase has an ovoid base with cylindrical tapered neck. Attractive tonal greens with a russet-orange band at its middle. Ruskin art pottery was based on experimentation with decorative glaze finishes and during firing so that every vase is effectively unique. Ruskin Pottery impressed mark and dated 1933. The vase measures 27 cm in height.


Edward R. Taylor (the first Principal of both the Lincoln School of Art and the Birmingham School of Art) founded Ruskin Pottery in 1898 – placing his son, William Howson Taylor (formally a student at the Birmingham School of Art) as manager. They named the pottery after the artist, writer and social thinker John Ruskin; whose principles about beauty and quality they believed in. The pottery experimented with glazes, producing innovative designs across a range of items, from vases and bowls to jewellery and buttons. Ruskin Pottery was exhibited both in the UK and abroad at