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Warranty on Clocks


When stated in the item’s description our clocks come with a 12-month warranty for sales within the UK. Where the clock requires a specialist carrier (commonly due to its size or weight), this guarantee is only offered with local delivery. Delivery requirements and options are stated in the item description. We do not offer a warranty outside of areas as stated above. Please note our 14-day returns policy which applies to all items to all delivery destinations – see Cancellations and Returns for details.


For items covered under this warranty; this warranty covers malfunction of the clock’s mechanical movement arising from normal operation. It is expected that due care is taken when operating the clock with consideration to its age.


This warranty does not cover damage to the clock’s case, glass panels or dial, or mechanical problems arising as result of damage from impact or misuse or such issues as forced over-winding. (Please note the care instructions provided with your clock. Please contact us if you are at all unsure of how to care for your clock).


We always underwrite or insure our items for delivery. Any damage to the clock (resulting from impact or from any other cause) caused during delivery will be handled outside of this warranty and you will be fully reimbursed – please see “Reimbursement For Items Damaged In Transit” (on our Information page).


If you wish to contact us for any warranty queries, please email us or call us using contact details given below – or using the Contact Us page on our website. Where the item was posted we will need the clock securely packaged and returned to us via an agreed carrier. For problems covered under this warranty, the cost of return postage will be refunded in full. Where the clock was delivered, we will arrange collection. For problems covered under this warranty repairs will be carried out using new (where available) or refurbished components. For problems covered under this warranty where repair is not viable; you will be refunded in full the amount paid for the item together with any return postage costs.


We are also able to complete repairs outside of this warranty – please contact us for information.

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