How We Are Working to Minimise COVID19 Risk


Antique Ethos is a dealership managed within a single household. We are ourselves strictly following guidelines to minimise risk of contracting and spreading the COVID19 virus. We are also users of the NHS COVID19 Track and Trace app. In the event that anyone directly associated with Antique Ethos were to develop symptoms or were required to isolate – we would temporarily suspend sales.



Procedures for Handling Online Sales


The person responding to online sales will have put-on a disposable face-covering and will have washed and sanitised their hands before handling and packing your item(s). We use couriers who are also following COVID19 guidelines and always maintain social distancing when items are collected for delivery.


Because of our procedures together with the time between packing and delivery of your item(s), the contents of your parcel present a minimal risk of spreading the COVID19 virus. We would however strongly recommend that you wash and/or sanitise your hands after removing and disposing of external packaging.


For items of furniture delivered by hand – we ask and expect delivery drivers to maintain social distancing where at all possible. We also expect drivers to wear a face-covering and have sanitised their hands in advance of delivery (or be using disposable gloves).



Our Showrooms


In accordance with the current UK roadmap for lifting COVID restrictions, our showrooms are open to visitors (by appointment) from 12th April 2021. We are however required to be fully COVID safe.


To maintain effective social distancing, we are unable to receive more than two visiting customers at any one time (excluding children below the age of 11). Where you have accompanying children below the age of 11, we are only able to accommodate one accompanying child for your visit. We would respectfully remind customers who are accompanied by children that they are responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidelines.


Customers are required to wear appropriate face coverings when visiting our showrooms. Where you are exempt from wearing a face covering, we ask that you advise us of this when first contacting us to arrange your visit. As stated in government guidelines, any accompanying children under the age of 11 are not required to wear a face covering.


We are required to take contact information for NHS Track and Trace purposes. We display an NHS track and trace QR code for this purpose. Alternatively, we are required to record your name (or lead name for groups), and contact details – your telephone number or email or full postal address. This information is kept for 21 days before being securely disposed of.


Prior to your visit all high-touch areas will have been disinfected – this includes facilities, door handles, etc. but excludes all stock items being viewed. We ask visitors to use a hand-sanitiser on entry however if preferred, we also keep disposable gloves available for your use during your visit.


During your visit, a touch-screen tablet is at your disposal for you to view details on available items. This will also have been sanitised prior to your visit. In normal times we would have gladly offered you refreshments – hoping you understand why it is not possible to do this at this time.


Hoping you keep safe and well.