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Getting Under the Microscope - and more!

We've always had an interest in instruments. Not talking about the sort that make beautiful music (although the other half is rather a dab-hand on the violin!). Talking about antique scientific, optical, navigational and technical instruments. Pretty much any type of instrument that parallels our understanding of the world around us. I think that's the primary attraction for us - they're symbolic of our development over time.

From way back in the stone-age humans have used tools to get things done. These instruments are simply more recent examples of our use of tools - albeit rather more complex ones! Invented and developed for a particular purpose as we sought to gain further insight into our world. They parallel our history as an industrialised society and all that brought with it - from maritime trade to engineering design.

With this longstanding interest, we've been looking out for good examples for some time. Some luck this month in being able to acquire a number of 19th century pieces - ranging in date from Georgian to late Victorian. As well as reading around the discoveries of the time, it has also been of interest to further our knowledge on the development of some of these instruments - particularly the microscope, which became increasingly popular amongst gentlemen 'amateur naturalists' from the early 1800's and through the Victorian era.

We continue to look out for good examples - hopefully some even earlier pieces!

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