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Very tidy c1900 example of an antique brass drum field microscope in original fitted wooden case complete with brass tweezers and glass sample slides. The microscope is made of brass and is of typical upright design with stacking objective lens and eyepiece lens. The eyepiece tube is manually adjusted to focus. With adjustable mirror below to direct light. This type of microscope was popular in the late 19th and early 20th century with students and naturalists working in the field. Case measures 17 cm in length, 7 cm depth and 6 cm in height.

Antique Brass Drum Field Microscope in Fitted Case c1900

SKU: MS148
  • This field microscope is in very good overall condition. Brass to the microscope has an aged patina with surface tarnish spots. Optics and mirror in very good working order and the microscope focuses well. Case is solid. Please see images as these form an important part of the description.

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