A French black marble Egyptian revival mantel clock with finely cast and finished patinated bronze mounts c1875. The clock has a black marble case surmounted by a bronze sphynx with applied bronze pharaohs to the front and bronze lion mask ring handles to sides. Rectangular case with corniced moulding to top and is supported on a tapered rectangular base with bronze winged pharaoh mount to front and brass edging below . Stepped, white enamelled dial with visible Brocot ruby pin palleted deadbeat escapement and brass winding bezels. Black roman numerals and blued-steel hands. The dial has a finely cast rose-gilt inner bezel with gilt beaded outer surround to the bevelled glass dial cover. An 8-day movement striking the hours and half hour on a bell. Presentation plaque to reverse dated 1876. The clock measures 45 cm in height. Base is 36 cm in width and 18 cm in depth. Watch a brief video of it striking (above). Fully cleaned and serviced. The clock's movement is covered by our 12-month warranty within the UK.


Egyptian revival in decorative arts is a style in Western art in which Egyptian motifs were applied to a wide variety of decorative arts objects. Enthusiasm for the artistic style of Ancient Egypt started with Napoleon's conquest of Egypt and, in Britain, with Admiral Nelson's defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of the Nile in 1798. Napoleon had sent teams of artists and scientists to catalogue the sights and new discoveries – resulting in publication of “Le Description de l’ Égypte” in 1809. The second edition of this text (in 1830), together with the translation of the Rosetta Stone (1822) sparked further interest in Egyptian art and culture in both Europe and America. A later 19th century revival period is linked to celebrated French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette who made a series of significant discoveries between 1851 and his death in 1881 – including the clearing of sands around the Sphinx down to bare rock. The discovery in 1922 of the treasure of Tutankhamun's tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter resulted in a further revival during the 1920s – often considered to be part of the art deco decorative arts style.

French Black Marble Egyptian Revival Mantel Clock With Bronze Mounts c1875

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