Tall French Limoges pate-sur-pate decorated porcelain vase with gilt bronze ormolu mounts c1880. The decoration is neoclassical in style with beautifully executed front and back panels using the pate-sur-pate technique on a classic celadon ground. Signed with incised monogram to the base (unknown) and pattern number. The vase is 38.5 cm in height and 16 cm diameter, measuring 17.5 cm across handles.


In the pate-sur-pate technique the design is created on an unfired, unglazed porcelain body by painting layers of white slip (liquid clay) to obtain a relief decoration. The finished effect is somewhat similar to other types of decoration (such as Jasperware) however with the pate-sur-pate technique a mould is not used, so the artist is able to create much more delicate designs using levels of translucency. The technique was developed at the Serves factory in France c1850 and perfected by one of their leading artists, Marc-Louis Solon. Pate-sur-pate became typical of porcelain from the Limoges region of France. 

Tall French Limoges Pate-Sur-Pate Celadon Vase with Ormolu Mounts c1880

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