A Japanese Fukagawa charger with peony decoration c1915. Beautifully eye-catching design of peony blooms and foliage. Flowers and foliage in blue underglaze with red overglaze and gilt highlights. Blue underglaze Japanese characters to base. Pierced foot-rim to enable wall-hanging if desired. The charger is decorated in a characteristic Fukagawa style and pallete although we have not been able to identify the characters. The charger measures 37 cm in diameter and 5 cm in height.


Fukagawa is a place and a porcelain factory in the Arita region of Japan. The factory's history starts with Ezaiemon Fukagawa who in 1875 founded Koransha (The Company of the Scented Orchid) to produce tableware for export. Not all Fukagawa pieces were marked with the Red Orchid or Mount Fuji mark. Some marks were simply written in blue or red characters with wide variations in the  calligraphy - some artistically applied while others could be very simple. The Fukagawa company has supplied the Japanese Imperial Household since 1910.

Japanese Signed Fukagawa Arita Charger Decorated With Peonies c1915

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