Gorgeously coloured WMF Art Deco Ikora glass vase by Karl Weidmann c1935. Baluster form body with everted flared rim. Blood-orange with deep red and black inclusions extending flame-like through to the neck creating a striking decor to the vase. Ground base and unsigned - both as is typical of WMF glass. The vase is 29.5 cm in height.


WMF started making glass in 1883 when a glass house was built at Geisslingen near Stuttgart to produce their own glass inserts. The original 1883 glass house was destroyed during the First World War and a new, more modern facility opened in 1922. The young glass designer Karl Wiedmann perfected the technique of iridized surfaces and the resulting "MYRA"- Kristall entered production in 1926. The same year also saw the beginning of the first "IKORA" glass - reputedly discovered by accident whilst correcting a Myra glass piece. Both Myra and Ikora glass continued to be produced until around 1936, when production of art-glass ceased. Because of the technique used, combining colours and treatments, each Ikora piece is unique.

Large WMF Art Deco Ikora Baluster Glass Vase by Karl Weidmann c1935

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