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Tall, striking Art Deco style bronze figure of a dancer caught in movement with outstretched arms. Cast bronze on a marble base. Finished in a deep brown patina. Overall height is 56cm. Measures 46cm excluding the base.


This statue has been hot cast using the lost-wax method. Lost-wax casting is the process by which a duplicate metal sculpture is cast from an original sculpture or model based on an original work. Where the original work has been used, the duplicate will be more faithful. All bronzes are hand finished following casting and then patinated to give its surface appearance and colour. Differences to the original work will result since it will not have been finished/patinated by the original foundry.

Otto Poertzel was known for his Art Deco, bronze and ivory statuettes of dancers, circus artists and graceful young women. His figures were distributed by Rosenthal & Maeder and by Preiss & Kassler. The original works were both patinated and cold painted. This contemporary bronze reproduction is faithful to the original. It is not signed however the original work is well documented. As a reproduction, it will not carry a foundry mark.

"Snake Dancer" Large Art Deco Style Bronze after Otto Poertzel

SKU: 9204B
  • This sculpture is in excellent original condition. Please see photos as these form an important part of the description.

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