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WMF Art Deco Ikora glass bowl c1930. Footed bowl with flared rim. Cased in clear crystal over internal bubbled and veined decoration in dark and golden-amber. Internal surface has a slight opalescence of pale sea-green in certain angles of light - difficult to capture in images. Design number 2518 etched to base. Ground pontil mark. The bowl is 22 cm in diameter and 14 cm in height.


WMF started making glass in 1883 when a glass house was built at Geisslingen near Stuttgart to produce their own glass inserts. The original 1883 glass house was destroyed during the First World War and a new, more modern facility opened in 1922. The young glass designer Karl Wiedmann perfected the technique of iridized surfaces and the resulting "MYRA"- Kristall entered production in 1926. The same year also saw the beginning of the first "IKORA" glass - reputedly discovered by accident whilst correcting a Myra glass piece. Both Myra and Ikora glass continued to be produced until around 1936, when production of art-glass ceased. Because of the technique used, combining colours and treatments, each Ikora piece is unique.

WMF Art Deco Ikora Glass Footed Bowl c1930

SKU: GL198
  • This glass bowl is in excellent condition commensurate with age. No chips or cracks. Very minor surface signs of age. Very minor flat spot on upper rim of foot to correct flaw (from original). Difficult to see and not seen when displayed. Please see images as these form an important part of the description.

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