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A Local Little Known Pottery...

Ceramics from the Linthorpe Pottery

Following on from my last blog - I was pleased again to pick up a few other pieces of Linthorpe Pottery. Having been inspired by and been in awe of Dresser's modernistic designs for many years before - I was enthused to discover Linthorpe Pottery but also really surprised that his involvement with Linthorpe seems so little known outside the North East.

So... a "potted" history if interested:

In 1879 John Harrison (a local businessman) established Linthorpe Pottery in conjunction with Christopher Dresser, one of the most influential designers of the late 19th century. Dresser acted as artistic director at the Pottery until 1982 and continued to submit designs whilst the Pottery remained in production. Dresser recommended Henry Tooth, an artist from Buckinghamshire working at that time on the Isle of Wight, as pottery manager. Henry Tooth, with no prior experience of clay or pottery left Ryde for Linthorpe, spending time at the T.G. Green pottery in Church Gresley, Derbyshire to get a foundation in ceramics. Henry Tooth had brought Richard Patey with him from the Isle of Wight, who managed the pottery after he left in 1882 (to establish to Bretby Pottery in partnership with William Ault). Linthorpe Pottery only being in existence between 1879 and 1889.

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