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Four Glass Mantle Clocks - Crystal Regulators

French Four-Glass Crystal Regulator

I like the look of Four Glass Mantle Clocks. The French made undoubtedly the best movements that were produced in significant numbers - achieving numerous awards at international exhibitions. English "hand-made" movements whilst of extremely high quality are rarely, if ever seen in period Four-Glass clocks despite their popularity in Britain at the time.

Classic French Four-Glass Mantle Clocks with a visible (exposed) escapement give the clock a distinct look. Also referred to as Crystal Regulators, these are understandably popular clocks - but not always easy to come across. Very pleased that we've managed to source a number of these which are now receiving the attention they deserve to give them another 100+ years of life! Hoping to have the first pieces on the site in the next 2-3 weeks.

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