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Big Things...

...From small acorns grow!

Sorry to keep on about it - but we're really, really pleased about the start we've made on our Furniture Collection. We think we've got some fantastic pieces - and a few have been snapped up already.

Of-course this aspect of dealing antique is new to us. We're staying with our philosophy of "would we like to keep it ourselves?". If that's a 'yes'- then we're very happy to add it to our collection. It's a philosophy that has done us well so far - so hoping we continue to acquire pieces that bring some small amount of pleasure to our customers. We would love to hear from you if you're looking for particular pieces - no commitment, we just want to know what we should be looking for.

We're lucky that we already had traditional cabinetry skills here at Antique Ethos so with a few tweaks in the workshop and reorganisation of our showroom space, we have been able to add this line to what we offer.

Take a peak at https://www.antique-ethos/furniture

Selection of recent antique furniture arrivals

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