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Showcase Your Special Photos!

Antique silver photograph frames are always popular - both as gifts for friends and family on those special occasions but also just for you to frame those special memories.

Finding good quality, attractive antique silver frames which are also in a good enough condition to be loved again is always a challenge. Anyone would want their special memories set in a frame that does them justice.

We've gradually developed skills and techniques in refurbishing the silver part of the frame - although sadly, we more often than not come across frames that are too far gone.

Where the silver frame has been originally mounted onto solid wood then we have also been able restore these - keeping as much of the original frame as is possible. Where we have had to replace parts then we always state this is the frame's description.

Recently we have been looking into refurbishing frames that were originally covered in velvet. Over time and with being handled and cleaned, the velvet backs of frames get worn and often saturated in silver polish. We've managed to source good quality cotton velvet and have honed skills in removing and replacing the velvet to perfectly compliment the refurbished silver. Gives the frame a really sumptuous feel!

The two shown in the images here are recently restored frames with velvet covered backs - hope you agree they look great!

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