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A Better Search Always Helps!

New Site Search on Antique Ethos

No surprises - its been a while since posting here and as always, very busy but still not complaining!

We did actually manage to fit in a bit of a holiday where we weren't looking to source pieces. First in quite a few years. Back now and into the zone again.

Just wanted to update you about our new site search tool that's been added to the website. I think you'll find it a lot more user friendly. Easy to find both page references as well as products. The only small foible is that it cannot filter out sold items - but these are listed at zero pounds!

As always any feedback very welcomed.

If you are in receipt of our monthly newsletter then you'll also know that we finally got round to getting ourselves on Google Business. (Yes I know we've not exactly been speedy on this one.) Has helped a number of visitors in finding us - but just to remind that we do recommend that you call in advance to check we're open.

Just to mention that if you don't receive our monthly newsletter and want to... go to our home page and subscribe by popping your email in.

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