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Another Year Closes...

Merry Christmas

Hard to believe - but yes, another year has shot by! From our perspective a fairly successful one. We started the year by focusing on extending our range to include a Furniture collection whilst obviously needing to continue bringing new pieces into our other existing collections. We wanted to stay true to our approach and build it around pieces that we like, that we would want to live with - something we do for all our collections. Looking back, we're pleased although we would have liked to have added more items. We have a number of very beautiful pieces of furniture waiting in the wings. Whilst we want to add more we don't want to compromise on the quality of our restoration - and that I guess is the biggest bottleneck! Feedback on pieces sold has been superb. We feel privileged to have added to (and hopefully enhanced!) people's homes or other spaces. Secondary focus has been to extend other collections which are a little under-represented - such as Oriental Antiques and Decorative Metalware. Some minor successes here. All things considered - we're fairly happy but wanting to continue with pretty much the same areas to work on in 2020.

Guess that brings me to the main reason for posting - which is to wish you all the very best over the festive season - where ever life takes you. Will catch up in 2020!

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