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Spotlight on Art Nouveau

If exploring the story behind our past styles interests you, then you might be interested in reading the first of our extended articles looking at how and why styles emerged and died. Our first extended article, with informative images, covers the Art Nouveau story. It is intended as a review of what is a very broad subject.

What we call “Art Nouveau” refers to the style that flourished from the late 1880s to the start of WWI. Often characterised by its use of long, sinuous, organic lines – it was used in architecture, interior design, decorative items, and jewellery as well as in fine art and illustration. It was a deliberate attempt to create an art form free from the constraints of “Historicism” that had dominated much of the 19th-century. The movement emerged across Europe with differing nuances in style, often with outwardly contradictory influences...

Hoping you find the article informative - the next one will be on Art Deco, with more to come. We've no pretences to being art historians but have put our knowledge together with material from several sources. Started reading around this subject mainly to consolidate our knowledge but then thought others might be interested. Any feedback very welcomed!

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