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A Look at Art Deco

You may have seen our previous post on Art Nouveau - and hopefully enjoyed reading the extended article "Spotlight on Art Nouveau". Have to apologise since I'm no great author and certainly no great art historian!

Years of researching about the various pieces we acquired increased our curiosity about different design periods - why they emerged and why they went out of favour. It was of interest to try to pull together some of what we've learnt into some sort of illustrated overview. Of course the topics are huge and we're only presenting a bit of it - hopefully giving a flavour plus some information to follow-up on if you wanted to.

Our second extended article "A Look at Art Deco" was just as interesting to write - in fact more so since I learnt a bit more about the Art Deco style in the process.

Even if you don't fancy reading the article - take a peek at our Art Deco pieces. Pieces range from British ceramics and silver through to classic French Art Deco glass. Just nice to take a look... and you never know, something might catch your eye!

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