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Coping with Lockdown!!!

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky not to have been personally affected by COVID19 – we’ve had friends and family members on the frontline but immensely thankfully that they’re all okay so far. I expect many may not feel so lucky – our thoughts are with you all. Thinking about the immediate people we know makes you realise that lockdown has been such a hugely different experience for different people. We have friends and neighbours who are still shielding, living completely cut-off except perhaps for a partner or family member – and others, barely affected. We feel lucky that we’ve been able to continue with insignificant difficulties compared to most. I guess like a lot of people, we’ve discovered video-calling – how brilliant is that!?! Of course, we’ve used it before, but for work reasons. Definitely converted and plan to keep using it to catch-up with friends and family.

As dealers the biggest impact has been the struggle to get hold of new stock. We’re definitely down on the number of new arrivals but we made the choice to keep buying the style and quality of items we usually do – even if that meant less pieces coming in. A big plus has been that we’ve managed to clear a great deal of bought stock waiting to be sorted! Included here in the pic is an assortment of pieces recently added to the website – plus also some very lovely pieces of furniture (not in the pic!).

Now emerging (cautiously) out of lockdown – looking forward to gradually resuming some of our usual travels in search of more. Just like everyone else, we’re wondering what the “new normal” will bring!

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